January 30, 2019
The BioSENSE Lab has three papers accepted to CHI 2019 (ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), reflecting a range of perspectives and approaches to studying biosensing technologies. PDF versions of the papers are available below: Design & Privacy Richmond Y. Wong and Deirdre K. Mulligan. 2019. Bringing Design to the Privacy Table: Broadening “Design” in “Privacy...
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Two women sit on a red bench and calmly listen to the sounds of their heartbeats.
BioSENSE PhD candidate Noura Howell and Professor Kimiko Ryokai received a grant from the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity for her project the Heart Sounds Bench. A paper is forthcoming at CHI 2019 (pdf) and she is excited to continue developing the project! From CLTC’s award listing: Speculating “Smart City” Cybersecurity with the Heart Sounds...
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An illustrated hand holds a menstrual cup with blood in it. The cup appears to be outfitted with sensors.
BioSENSE PhD candidates Richmond Wong and Noura Howell along with postdoctoral scholar Sarah Fox and interdisciplinary neuroethics major and graphic designer Franchesca Spektor received a second year of funding from the Center for Technology, Society, & Policy jointly with the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity for their work on menstrual biosensing. From the project description, Engaging Expert Stakeholders about the Future...
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