Jeremy Gordon

Jeremy Gordon

PhD Student

I School Profile:

Research Keywords: Enactivism, embodied/extended mind, machine learning, collective intelligence

Research Interests:

I’m interested in how our brains (as situated minds) transform sensory information into complex causal models of the world, and the empirical algorithms by which we select interventions to test, update, and exploit these models.

As a researcher with a mixed identity as a designer and engineer, the objective of understanding cognition through the lens of information processing is both an end and a means. I’m interested in applying our growing understanding of how our brains solve complex problems to collective intelligence settings where groups of individuals collaborate in real-time. Perhaps methods developed for interpreting human cognition can also be applied to illuminate and add transparency to the algorithms that continue to gain influence in our individual and social lives. Maybe by developing a clearer picture of the prejudices and limitations of our own biology, we’ll be able to design new tools capable of adding nuance to our moral judgments and calling attention to our assumptions and biases.